• Private School Visit is the most practical solution for individuals and small groups. It includes a half-day visit in the Tallinn metropolitan area with the possibility to observe classes and talk with Estonian teachers. The visit also includes the Estonian school lunch – famous for being offered to every student for free, such as in Finland.

  • Customized School Visit is custom-made according to your interest and preferences. It can include several visits.
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The most practical solution for individuals and small groups.

Tallinn metropolitan area, Estonia

The concept of these school visits is that they are open for everyone. You can be an educational professional or a student, a business person or a tourist. The only requirement is that you are interested in Estonian education and eager to see how learning takes place in a normal classroom setting. During the visit you will have time to talk with Estonian teachers and ask about their teaching practices, methods or the challenges they face during their daily work. The visit also includes the Estonian school lunch – famous for being offered to every student for free, such as in Finland.

You can choose the type of school and educational level that you want to visit. 

The schedule for the basic visits is:

8:30 The visit starts in Tallinn at your hotel. Our guide will pick you up. During the trip you will receive basic information about the Estonian educational system.
9:00 Arriving at school – welcoming words from the school principal or his/her representative. Afterwards visiting different classes.
11:00 Open discussion with the school teachers.
11:30 School lunch.
12:00 Bus trip back to your hotel.
12:30 End of the school visit.


Private School Visits are available between September 15th – December 15th and January 15th- May 15th. 

Prices for Private School Visits are: 

590 € + VAT24% = 731,60 € for one (1) participant

790 € + VAT24% = 979,60 € for two (2) participants

990 € + VAT24% = 1227,60 € for three (3) participants

After that, 100 € + VAT24% = 124 € for each additional participant

To request a Private School Visit, please contact us below indicating the date and the number of participants.


Interested in adding an expert lecture to the visit or having multiple visits? Read more about the different options for Study Tours and contact us below for a proposal.